Marble Floor Polishing

marble-floor-polishingMarble Floor Polishing: Factors that Make Your Floor Dull

Marbles that are not properly maintained often show signs of dullness, and for this reason, Marble Floor Polishing must be done. Available in a variety of colors, marbles are usually used because of their beauty and durability. But marbles are also very porous in nature; this means that they easily absorb water. They can be straightforwardly etched and stained by acid-based substances such as juices and soft drinks.

Another factor that can make your marble floors look unsightly is when a concentrated pressure has been applied on a specific area, causing the marble to explode. The white patches you see on your marble floors may be caused by these little explosions. The most common cause of this is by dropping a heavy object on the floor or women wearing high heels walking on your floor. But all these issues can often be remedied by proper and extensive marble polishing techniques.

Marble polishing is not an easy task. That’s why it is highly recommended that you hire a professional marble floor polisher to get the task done. However make sure that you only hire people from a reliable company like us at Tristate Quartz Repair.

There are a lot of floor care companies that claim they know what they are doing when in fact all they want is to get the job done as soon as possible without thinking about the long-term effect of their service. Many contractors use a simple crystallizing agent when polishing your floor. The result may look great for a few months, but then after several more months, the solution will slowly eat away your marble composite which will leave you with a much damaged marble. This is not the case with us. We only use the safest yet most effective polishing agent when we do our marble floor polishing techniques.