Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble Cleaning Service from Experts

Extraordinary Marble Cleaning Service from Experts

Cleaning the marble requires that we first assess the current condition of the flooring. Are the tiles flat? What type of finish has been used? Are there any cracks, stains, shear ends? Has polishing wax been used and what type? If the flooring has been sealed with a sealer, which type? Is the seal still intact?

When we initiate our marble cleaning process, it is very important that we have the necessary equipment needed. The task should be performed with the help of the exact equipment, or else it may lead to imperfections. Tools such as cleaning rags, pads, buckets, clean mops, squeegees, and towels should all be in their places.

Tools should be high quality or they won’t give a maximum performance. It should be noted that in cases where stones are porous, using sponges isn’t a wise option, simply because they would absorb most of the cleaning water. This would additionally lead to disruption of its basic structure and would also become a breeding ground for moths and bacteria. Here are some tips to remember:

  • The micro fiber mop is one of the best quality mops available in the market, as we believe in investing in quality products. It is very durable.
  • The cleaning should be done area wise so that the entire floor is systematically covered.
  • Wiping off should be done using a clean white cloth, because dyes from colored cloths might spread onto the surface.
  • Once done, the area is squared off and tools are put back in their storage place to be used the next time we clean.

Considering that we know by heart every kind of stone being used as a flooring material, we have made our own innovations and perfected our own system in floor maintenance. We are aware that different stone materials require different cleaning procedures. Our team is well trained and can cope with any floor maintenance requirement. We have a state-of-art equipment and our marble cleaning solutions are eco-friendly. We see to it that all our customers are fully satisfied upon finishing our job.