Granite Countertop Maintenance

granite-countertop-maintenanceGranite is a favorite choice when it comes to countertop collection. This is simply because it has a distinctive natural appeal. But one must keep in mind that it is still vulnerable to damage. To prolong the natural life of the product, it is important to follow a granite countertop maintenance routine to keep it free from impurities.

  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • Use mats or holders under hot cookware.
  • Use coasters to prevent direct exposure to high temperatures.
  • Do not sit or stand on the countertops as abrasive solids may get transferred to the surface, thus leading to increased wear to the stone.
  • Use mats under objects that can cause scratches.
  • Clean regularly with a natural cleaner.
  • Avoid using heavy chemical-based cleaners which could harm the surface.
  • Do not use vinegar or bleach, abrasive cleaners or scouring powders.
  • Do identify the type of granite and use a suitable cleaning solution for it.
  • For best results, hire a contractor in your area.

Granite is a hard material suitable for high foot traffic areas. And because of its inherent beauty and aesthetic appeal, it has also become a popular choice for kitchen countertops. We know that the abovementioned tips may not be sufficient so we are offering granite countertop maintenance.

We at Tristate Quartz Repair also specialize on the cleaning, polishing and repair of any kind of ceramic tiles, marbles and granite. We can restore your old floor to look as if it has been newly installed.

We are committed to bring the best service you deserve. Our expert personnel are diligent in dealing with the biggest and minutest countertop dilemmas. They are closely supervised and monitored to meet our high performance standards. While we maintain an A-1 service, our cost is very reasonable too.