Create a Cleaner Kitchen Space

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Kitchens, unfortunately, are perpetually a mess. Any home cook knows that no matter how hard you try to wash dishes as you go, or keep your cabinets neat and orderly, a convoluted chaos eventually appears. That doesn’t keep you from cooking, however. You forgive the spills, re-sort the pots and pans, and move on to the next preparation. But over time your counters and floors will pay the price for all the events that go on in the kitchen. Chances are you don’t catch every spill immediately as it happens. You have to manage enough when preparing dinner so at times you forget to wipe up for the sake of keeping the flow of time and efficiency. But those stains leave permanent marks on your counters, stains that will leave beautiful marble and granite designs etched with the messes of yesterday. You can take steps to reduce these effects on your kitchen space and have the right information how to fix those inevitable blemishes. First, you need to incorporate an organized space for your cookware. Make sure your system works for you, and not the other way around. Experiment with organizational tools to help reduce the chances of you searching for items and having things drop. Damage from abrasion costs to repair as you cannot reverse a chipped surface. Miniature hanging spice racks and hooks for your cookware will keep things visible and easy to manage, but make sure nothing heavy will be at risk of falling on your marble or granite surfaces. These stone materials are durable, but you won’t want to redo the finish on the surface due to excessive abrasions. Cutting boards offer another cost-effective solution to deterioration of counters. Although you may think that knives won’t damage marble, over time their scratch marks will appear on the finish and accelerate the look of age. Using a cutting board reduces the harmful effects of acidic liquids as well. Cutting citruses, tomatoes, berries, and other fruits can degrade your granite and stain your marble (especially if light in color). Be wary when preparing these foods, as the effort to remove a stain is much greater than the precautions to avoid it. Of course you can’t stop every stain from seeping onto your counter, or every fly-away food from landing on your marble table. We know you have to have fun in the kitchen, which is why Tri-State Floor Services offers the highest quality professional cleaning and restoration services. Our team’s integrity shows in the time we invest in our clients and the care we invest in each of our projects. When your kitchen needs restoration to remove years of culinary stress, contact...

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Transform Your Granite

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Countertops are known for taking the biggest chunk out of a remodeling budget. Though they seem like a small factor to consider (the biggest decision is the medium you use), replacing your countertops will take more money than you initially expect. Common costs associated with countertop replacement include: Edging and Grout – To ensure that your countertops are properly positioned and that they will last more than a few years, you need to look into the type of edging used during installation. Poor edging leads to replacements and problems sooner than you want. Appliances – The sink you have, and the arrangement of various appliances may make replacing counters more difficult, depending on the cuts necessary. Ideally, you want one countertop piece, but poor installations may need adjustments that deteriorate the quality of your kitchen space. Finish – The type of finish you have on your countertop plays a large factor into the longevity of your installations. Quality finishing will add to the cost of your renovation. All of these extra obligations add up, creating a bill that doesn’t align with your original kitchen upgrade plan. But, what can you do when your kitchen looks drab and worn out? If you have granite counters, there are many services available for you to minimize expenditures. A minimal restoration or professional cleaning service can help retain your granite’s appearance. Restoring your granite will improve its look over time. If you start with old stains and chips in the stone, your counter will have better functionality. Stains are not only unappealing to the eye; but, are a clear sign of ineffective sealing. You can test your granite’s sealing by setting a clean paper towel on top of a granite surface and see if after a few minutes if the stone appears darker. If it does, water and other spills may be able to seep into your counter, slowly decreasing its value and sustainability. Another common problem in granite is its susceptibility to acidic cleaners. Rather than replacing your granite for a cheaper alternative, you can hire a professional to remove the marks. Depending on the specific type of damage (whether you have water stains, effliration, or another stone blemish), a professional cleaner can analyze and recommend the best solution to repair rather than replace your countertop. Oil stains are also common, but are manageable with the right equipment and cleaning products. Polishing your granite will help it appear up-to-date. Polished stone helps your home decor stand out, creating a contemporary sophistication that other types of stone don’t have. The aesthetic qualities of granite show better with effective polishing, which should be maintained routinely. Tri-State Floor Services offers cleaning, restoration, and specialty services for granite countertops. Rather than looking to replace your kitchenware, investigate the possibilities of renovating your current style. We are happy to answer any questions, and look forward to connecting with...

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Marble Floor Cleaning Ardmore

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For over ten years, Tri-State Floor Services has provided the best of the best service to Ardmore and other surrounding Philadelphia communities. We care for all your flooring needs, from polishing, to repairs and maintenance, as well as professional cleaning services to meet your exact needs. With Tri-State Floor Services, you can have your marble floor professionally cleaned in three simple steps. All you need to do is… Marble Floor Cleaning Ardmore Call for an Estimate. When you contact us, we listen and try to grasp a full understanding of your needs. Our service estimates are based on a thorough conversation, as we develop a service plan that is both effective and affordable. If you have any questions about our pricing, services, products used, or other inquiries, do not hesitate to ask. We service all types of homes, all types of floors, using eco-friendly cleaning mediums. In this way we home to leave your home cleaner and safe for a family to live in and enjoy their space. Experience the Tri-State Floor Services Standard. Once you have scheduled a time to meet our professional service members, we will work with you to provide quality service that is far beyond your expectations. To ensure that your cleaning is done in a timely and effective manner, we promise to work diligently while visiting the home. If you are unsatisfied in any way, let us know and we will happily address your concerns. No customer should leave displeased with Tri-State Floor Services. Our staff is here to help you and make your experience worthwhile. Tell us what you think. The most important aspect to our business at Tri-State Floor Services is our commitment of excellence to you. We want to hear what you were impressed with, as well as what we can do to improve service the next time you call. Our customers are our neighbors and friends, so their opinion truly matters. If you have a suggestion or would like to compliment one of our staff members, you’re invited to contact us by email, phone, or social media. You can even give a testimonial to our exceptional service standard. Tri-State Floor Services offers service to a wide area in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, so we would be thrilled if you shared about your experience with friends and neighbors. Does your marble flooring currently look like new? Likely it doesn’t after years of owning the home, but Tri-State Floor Services can renew the appearance of your home with our professional cleaning. We specialize in marble flooring, using the finest cleaners that are safe for your family. If you love the results from our marble cleaning, you may also be interested in marble polishing, repairs, and general maintenance from our team of professionals. We train our staff to recognize and care for all types of flooring needs, and are happy to answer your questions. Your confidence in us is most important, as we are always willing to help. Contact Us For rigorous cleaning necessities, call Tri-State Floor Services, the Marble Polishing experts. We are here to help...

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Granite Repair Ardmore

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As a homeowner, you take pride in the fine details of your interior design. If you choose granite for your floor tiles, staircase treads, or countertops, Tri-State Floor Services wants to ensure that you can enjoy its natural permanence for years. Granite adds elegance to a kitchen or dining room, is relatively simple to maintain, and leaves a lasting impression on family and friends who take joy in visiting your unique home. Even as your granite ages with the years, Tri-State Floor Services will be there to protect the life of your floors and countertops. High quality granite creates a special accent to the character of your home, and we work to add value to its existing elegance. Granite Repair Ardmore Though granite is widely popular for its longevity, age can cause imperfections in the finish and density of the fine stone. Tri-State Floor Services specializes in repairing chips, cracks, erosion, stains, and efflorescence to revitalize the look and use of granite. Our services will return granite nearly to its original state. You can enjoy the use of your granite without worrying over its appearance because Tri-State Floor Services will remove any imperfections with expertise. Below are some of the problems you may have with granite. Contact us if you recognize any of these in your floors or counters, for the sooner you call the quicker we can assist you. Chips and Cracks – Like any stone surface, granite can chip or crack when faced with high impact or foot traffic. This is a natural and somewhat common problem, which is why Tri-State Floor Services offers timely and effective service after an initial consultation. We carefully analyse the level of damage to your floor, and recommend the best solution to renew your granite’s appearance and functionality. Erosion – Along with direct damage, granite wears with the passage of time and use. When you want to welcome visitors, erosion can be disappointing to you as you prepare the home to look its finest. However, erosion can be diminished. Tri-State Floor Services knows the importance of your floors looking unblemished, so we are diligent and effective in our work with eroded surfaces. If you contact our professional team as you begin to notice the problem, we will be able to eliminate any unsatisfactory appearance. Stains – Stains on granite are in a similar category to erosion, and if you see them early, Tri-State Floor Services can completely remove them from your granite surface. Common stains arise from spills, corrosion from abrasive surfaces or acidic liquids, water runoff on outdoor surfaces, and sometimes accumulation of dust or dirt. When you identify the stains, call right away and we will be pleased to assist you. Efflorescence – This type of imperfection is caused by the accumulation of saline deposits that seep into your granite surface. While this is not unusual, it can be frustrating and disappointing when your granite looks otherwise clean. You don’t have to settle, however, with this exasperating taint to your granite. Tri-State Floor Services specializes in the removal of efflorescence. We help you maintain granite, and can show you ways to prevent this problem in the future. We care for our clients’ needs, and hope that their satisfaction with our services turns into long-lasting relationships with Tri-State Floor Services.If...

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